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Recent Pitches/ Submissions

BBC News: Titles music pitched to BBC World TV News for Newsday, a London/ Singapore co-presented programme broadcast at breakfast time in the Asia Pacific region.

BBC World Service: Titles music pitched for a new business/ entertainment show based on the India region. The show was to be light hearted and so I composed a more upbeat theme.


Some of the examples on this showreel are scores I have composed to existing films to demonstrate music for picture.

I am a classically trained musician and composer based in Marlow, just outside of London, and have been composing music for many years. As a graduate of the acclaimed Tonmeister degree from the University of Surrey, I have worked in the music and television industries as a music recording engineer/ producer; TV Sound Supervisor and TV Director. More recently, I was awarded distinction from City University London on completion of my MA in Composing Music for Moving Images.

I compose for various formats including titles/ theme music, TV/ radio adverts and documentary/ short film scores. As an experienced TV Director (BBC) I understand fully how music works within a programme and how to compose and produce music in terms of titles, stings, beds and vamps etc. My music ranges from orchestral to electronic/ synth to Jazz, using a combination of live and electronic instruments. I use the highest quality sound libraries and audio tools available on the market, often combining electronic and orchestral sound palettes together.

Most recently I have been approached by the BBC to submit/ pitch titles music for BBC World TV News and World Service Radio Programmes.

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